Youth Initiative for Land in Africa (YILAA) and Landesa announce partnership on youth land rights and climate change

On February 23, 2021, YILAA and Landesa signed a partnership agreement to engage young people’s access to land and climate change issues in Africa through collaborative structuring projects.  The two organizations are open to collaboration with other stakeholders in the sector or with interest in comparable projects.

Throughout the collaboration period, the organizations will collaborate to provide leadership and support to meet the organizations shared objective of strengthening and securing land rights for women and youth (ages 15-34).

Specific activities include the following:

  • co-design and implement a project to raise awareness among key stakeholders about the importance of youth land and resource rights within a country or region in Africa
  • co-develop webinars and other outreach activities to share organizational experiences engaging with youth, government, and civil society on issues related to youth access to, use/control of, and ownership of land
  • co-develop co-branded materials

In July 2021, we identified 10MymiLAND as the first project (10 million youth and ten (10) million land against Desertification). This is the first pipeline of projects that will mix land acquisition, tree planting, agriculture, and employment creation. These engagements will help accelerate and enhance our efforts in defending and promoting youth and women’s land rights throughout Africa.


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