our approach

YILAA approaches the activity of each young person as if it were our own. We believe that YILAA should be more than just a unifying youth organization. We put ourselves in the place of young people, align our incentives with their objectives and collaborate to unleash the full potential of their agricultural project by controlling land and encouraging states to give pride of place to young people’s access to rural land. This creates deep and pleasant relationships for the development of African states.

The right approach is necessary for the right result. The activities of YILAA approaches work by applying its external knowledge to the internal way of making African States. We know that to maximize the potential for success, we need to shape our advice from experts and researchers in a way that applies to how we do partner structures and countries. This allows us to create rich relationships with all the African youth.

Defend Youth Land Rights

Defend and guarantee the modern and customary land rights of Young people, development actors in Africa (SDG 1; 2; 13; 16).

Land Data information

Make reliable and transparent information available to organizations for decision-making through studies, data collection and research relating to young people’s access to land (SDG 16; 4).

Women land rights

Guarantee equal opportunities in enabling women to access land as cited in women’s international land rights (SDG 5).

Actions for the youth to access land

Advocacy with organizations and governments for the provision of agricultural land to benefit projects associated with the youth (SDG 1; 2; 8; 9; 11; 12; 17).

Social Inclusion

Equality in decision-making processes related to land considering all strata and categories of young people (SDG 16).

Secure Rural Youth Land

Work to protect the territorial rights of rural people and fight against land grabbing in order to secure the land rights of young people.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the YILAA office nearest to you or submit a feedback form online.

Un accès facile à la terre passe par la sensibilisation et la formation de la jeunesse pour lui permettre de comprendre et de bien jouer son rôle central dans la production agricole pour garantir une stabilité sociale et économique de l’Afrique. Comme le Coordonnateur a toujours su le souligner il faut donc que tout les acteurs intervenants dans le secteur du foncier de jeunes mutualisent leurs efforts pour un véritable impacts socio-économiques de l’Afrique.

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