Importance of land as the source of employment for youth.

Importance of land as the source of employment for youth.

Speaking in the meeting at the capital city Dodoma,
This is the Minister for Agriculture in Tanzania Hon Hussein Bashe, emphasizing important of land as the source of employment for youth.

Translation or video :
The Minister said “when youth finish their studies after four or five years at university, they take envelopes of certificates to look for a job following various advertisements from one place to another. From one region like Dar es Salaam to far away to look for a job. When he /she reaches at the job interview, only to find 1000 individuals yet only 100 are required for the job. The parents of these youth are losing their money for nothing as they facilitate their children as they seek after jobs. 

Then we are saying” Youth must employ yourselves” and some say that “we are already employed and we have V-8 outside there for example me!”  But in earnest truth we should take time to ask ourselves why youth don’t want to get an employment in agricultural activities! You know why??  It’s because most youth completed university education with no piece of land hence cannot have any loan for the capital because of unfavorable laws formulated by us not them! Then please The Minister of local government I beg you to write a letter to the primary and secondary schools to stop using cultivation action as a punishment in our schools because this has contributed a lot of our youth hating agricultural activities because they thought that it’s not good but only a punishment. This mentality built at the young age due to the school punishment, so when he/she closes eyes and think about it the only picture that comes to mind is his/her tired grandfather coming out of farming, and concludes that farming is not a good venture. We must change the current agriculture to not emulate the farming that the youths’ grandfather’s practiced by building a good and conducive agricultural Infrastructure System.

Youth now are facing major challenges concerning Agricultural activities, like:

  1. Lack of land
  2. No Capital 
  3. Lack of Technology

4.Limited Market 

So as the Ministry, we promise to unlock solutions for these challenges, by setting apart enough land for Agriculture, put up Agricultural infrastructures like irrigation systems plus youth will be given loans from the bank for conducive interest, and lastly we shall seek for market for their crop produce.
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