Environment CONNECTS All…Without Conducive environment No life.

Today is #WorldEnvironmentDay. Forests are the most diverse habitat on land, but deforestation mainly due to Agricultural expansion, buildings threatens #biodiversity.

Written by Felicia Yetunde Eboka, from Yilaa Nigeria

Nature, we must transform how we produce and consume food.

Forest are vital and most biodiverse habitat on land. We must protect and sustainably manage forests for people and the planet.

Since Environment CONNECTS All…we must take bold actions to reverse the loss of forests and their biodiversity for the benefits of current and future generations in Africa.

Forest provide water, provide a livelihood, mitigate climate change, and are essential for sustainable food production.

World Environment Day reminds ALL- during this time of lockdown, #nature gas given us a message of hope.

It is not too late for us to make positive and sustainable changes that benefit our environment, especially if we want to conserve the vital thing we depend on for our existence- The Environment.

Happy World Environment Day


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