Conférence du Yilaa en collaboration avec le NELGA AOF sur la gouvernance foncière au profit des jeunes en Afrique du 17 au 19 décembre au Bénin

Publié le décembre 17, 2020 par Anna Faye

As you are well aware, the lack of human resources in land tenure was one of the problems that was highlighted in the studies that preceded the establishment of the AU guidelines. Putting in place appropriate training on land tenure is an essential objective of the NELGA. This is why the NELGA Francophone West Africa within the framework of its activities puts a focus on research but also on the accompaniment of young people who have an interest in land tenure. It is for us a way to contribute in the long term to the achievement of this objective. It is in this context that the organization of this sensitization and training workshop on youth-sensitive land governance in collaboration with YILAA, which today, although it is in its early stages, is bringing the voice of youth on these issues in Africa. This workshop, which will bring together about thirty participants from all over Africa, will be an opportunity for YILAA to get started, and for the NELGA AOF Node to mark its availability and willingness to accompany and sensitize African youth on the one hand on land tenure professions, and on the other hand, political decision-makers and international organizations on the impact of youth-sensitive land governance on the economic development of countries.The general objective of this workshop is

to mobilize young Africans around the land issue in order to sensitize them on land tenure professions and to strengthen their capacities on land governance issues adapted to the African context.Specifically, this workshop aims to :

– Present the land sector at the economic level by describing the main stakeholders (direct or indirect), the main activities, its contribution to the creation of national wealth, etc. ;

– Highlight the economic assets and constraints of the land sector in Benin, Senegal and Cote d’Ivoire, and in general in the world through the experience of UEMOA, AU, etc. ;

– To show how the land sector contributes to the promotion of employment and in particular the socio-professional integration of young people in African countries and to highlight the obstacles in this area;

– Formulate relevant recommendations to enable the land sector to contribute more effectively to the promotion of employment.

– Invite young people to an exercise that consists in reflecting on the key elements of land governance adapted to African needs and context.Identification of key elements of youth-sensitive land governance

– Raise awareness among young people about the land tenure professions

Afetre this Event, we are expected as results,

– Each participant has identified the impact of youth-sensitive land policies on the reduction of unemployment and the economic development of countries;

– Each participant has appropriated the recommendations of the conference;

– Each participant benefits from the experience of land reforms in Benin: its successes and limitations;

– Each participant has mastered the obstacles in access dealing with the practice of the sector.

– Each participant has an idea of the many opportunities that land offers as a promising profession.

A roadmap will be put in place indicating the next steps and key points on which YILAA (as the voice of African youth for youth-sensitive land governance) and NELGA AOF (as a framework for exchange on land issues with a special focus on youth) will advocate to decision-making bodies, international organizations and civil society.

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