WHEN : 15-17 SEPTEMBER 2020


Through the African
Union (AU), Africa has established a long-term vision of an integrated, prosperous and peaceful continent, driven by its
citizens, representing a dynamic force in the international
arena. In its
Agenda 2063, a blueprint document adopted by Member States in 2013, the AU set
an ambitious master plan for the transformation of Africa into the global
powerhouse of the future in 50 years. It spells out the seven aspirations that
will position Africa as a dominant player in the global arena. 

These include: 

  • A prosperous Africa based on inclusive growth
    and sustainable development 
  • An integrated continent, politically united and
    based on the ideals of Pan- Africanism and the vision of African
  • Africa of good governance, democracy, respect for
    human rights, justice and the rule of law 
  • A peaceful and secure Africa
  • Africa with a strong cultural identity, common
    heritage, shared values and ethics  
  • Africa, whose development is people-driven,
    relying on the potential of the African people, especially its women and youth,
    and caring for its children, and 
  • Africa as a strong, united, resilient and
    influential global player and partner 

Good land governance
is undoubtedly critical in achieving Agenda 2063. It cuts across the
above-mentioned aspirations and strategic goals. The implementation of AU’s Declaration on Land Issues and Challenges at
regional and national levels is therefore imperative for prosperity and
sustainable development in Africa. In addition, processes such as the Framework
and Guidelines on Land Policy in Africa, the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in Context of National Food Security (VGGT), and the Guiding Principles on Large Scale Land Based Investments in Africa (LSLBI) provide
the continent with instruments to make land a key driver in achieving the
Agenda 2063 aspirations. 

Across the
continent, there are ongoing processes and initiatives towards mainstreaming
land governance in the Africa Union (AU), and the Regional Economic Communities
(RECs), which strengthen the capacities of Member States to undertake land
reforms at national and community levels and prioritise the allocation of
resources to land policy development and implementation. These initiatives and
processes, supported and driven via a multi-stakeholder’ approach, create
opportunities to connect, mobilise and influence the continent towards secure and equal land tenure, for a
prosperous Africa. Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and the
International Land Coalition (ILC) are committed to ensuring the effective
implementation of AU’s Agenda 2063 with effective land governance. Through
initiatives such as the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD)’s
Land Governance Project and the International Land Coalition (ILC)’s National
Engagement Strategies and Commitment Based Initiatives, both institutions have
been working to enforce people-centred land governance in the continent.

AU’s Declaration on
Land Issues and Challenges give mandate to African Regional Economic
Communities (RECs) to support the implementation of the Framework and
Guidelines on Land Policy in Africa. Recently, RECS are beginning to integrate
land governance in national and regional agendas via AU’s Comprehensive Africa
Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) and National Agriculture and Food
Security Investment Plans (NAFSIPs).

These efforts are
critical and urgent in helping us to develop the Africa we want. They need to
be strengthened, documented and encouraged through multistakeholder
reflections, multi-disciplinary discourse and learning that enable a better
implementation of the 2063 Agenda. The 2020 Land Forum is set to assess the
implementation of the land governance pillars of Agenda 2063 and chart
innovative pathways to its full implementation.


The Africa Land Forum is a continental event organised
annually by the International Land Coalition (ILC) Africa and its partners to
reflect on, and recommend solutions to, burning land governance issues and
challenges in the continent. It provides a platform for policymakers, community
representatives, development practitioners and partners to devise novel ways of
making land governance people-centred. ILC draws from its rich and diverse
membership and partners to mobilise integrated stakeholders to join the Land
Forum. The 2020 Land Forum is organised in partnership with IGAD’s Land
Governance Unit, and the Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture (DREA) of
the African Union Commission.

This event, taking place at a time when every sector is
shaken by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, offers a golden opportunity to
reflect and highlight the pertinent role of land governance in building
resilience and protecting Africans from the negative impact of similar pandemics
in the future. It also offers an occasion to push the frontiers of thought
around the role of land governance in fostering socio-economic development and
enabling the attainment of the 2063 aspirations. 

The Africa Land Forum will focus on the
following five thematic areas, key to the delivery of Agenda 2063: 

  1. Status
    of the implementation of the AU Declaration on Land Issues and Challenges in
    Africa (Regional and National Levels)
  2. Inclusion
    and gender equality: how meeting the targets set in Agenda 2063 Implementation
    Plan (2013 -2023) are instrumental to unlocking the potential of the continent
    in post COVID-19 era
  3. Rebuilding Africa, fighting hunger, achieving
    the sustainable development goals post COVID-19 via family farming
  4. Restoring
    landscapes and rangelands: how to fight against land degradation, climate
    crisis and conflicts in Africa, and
  5. Land
    and Investment: How land can become a key driver of sustainable development in



The overall aim of the 2020 Africa Land Forum
is to chart new pathways on achieving people-centered land governance,
essential to building a prosperous Africa, and to attaining the continent’s
2063 agenda.


  • Declaration/A Communique on Land Governance in
    Africa around the above-mentioned five themes
  • Clear policies that can inform policymakers,
    research communities and actors on how to mainstream land governance in the
    2063 agenda
  • Action Plans/Strategies to realize the Inclusion
    and Gender Equality Targets set for 2023, address rangelands issues and fast
    track land reforms in Africa
  • Strengthened partnerships and platforms for
    continued multistakeholders’ engagements at the regional and national levels
  • Declaration on what the continent could do to support
    the implementation of the 2063 Agenda, and
  • Knowledge products (papers, policy briefs and
    reports on the above five areas).


ILC (Africa) members, partners and other interested groups
from the public can join. If you are interested in participating, please write


The event is organized by the Africa Regional
Coordination Unit of ILC, IGAD’s

Land Governance Unit and the Department of
Rural Economy and Agriculture (DREA) of the African Union Commission.


15-17 September is the date set for the Africa
Land Forum, while the Regional Assembly of members will happen the next day,
September 18, 2020.


Another important
meeting taking place at after the virtual Land Forum is ILC Africa’s Regional
Assembly of members. This is a closed-door event for ILC members to focus on
the governance of ILC Africa platform, its current stand and possible
membership expansion, its progress in implementing 2019-21 workplan in the
times of COVID-19 and discussions on the strategy of the network in the next



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