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statistical studies on young people, women, investment and other statistics about land governance and youth.

This activity is devoted to statistical studies on young people, women and other statistics entering the sector of land governance and youth.


The biggest challenge was statistical data:

  • Unavailability of convincing statistics:
    Lack of effective and efficient statistics on issues of youth access to land in Africa.
  • Insufficient statistical data on women and land:
    Despite all the work done by the various institutions, there is still a lack of statistical data points limiting this work.


Undertake specialized statistical studies to make available reliable and precise data for work in the sector and decision-making by states, private individuals, banks, universities and other land governance organizations …


The results are:

  • Availability of land data on land tenure
  • Easy, effective and efficient decision-making by decision-makers
  • Improve the behavior of young Africans for entrepreneurship
  • Increase in investments for youth projects
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Un accès facile à la terre passe par la sensibilisation et la formation de la jeunesse pour lui permettre de comprendre et de bien jouer son rôle central dans la production agricole pour garantir une stabilité sociale et économique de l’Afrique. Comme le Coordonnateur a toujours su le souligner il faut donc que tout les acteurs intervenants dans le secteur du foncier de jeunes mutualisent leurs efforts pour un véritable impacts socio-économiques de l’Afrique.

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