Land TrainingTraining for the best Land governance

Create and support new training programs in land governance in our schools and universities adapted to new information technologies.

This activity will make it possible to set up new training programs in the sector based on the needs of the African population, to support technically and intellectually the drafting of training curricula. It will contribute to building the capacities of professionals in all sectors affecting land. Finally, our organization will be a leader in raising awareness and providing information on land governance in our universities and other institutions.


Training challenges are:

  • Insufficient training:
    Insufficient innovative training based on new technologies in our universities and NGOs operating in the sector.
  • Insufficient training programs:
    Lack of new training programs in land governance in our universities, professional training center and other training institutions.


– Sensibilize and inform:
Awareness and informant on the importance of land governance in the vital and development sectors of nations. The importance of young people’s access to land.
– Training and capacity building:
Yilaa will endeavor to support the establishment of adequate training programs for professionals and academics and to monitor and evaluate the execution.


The improved effort will improve the intellectual, technical and technological capacities of those involved in land governance.

In figures, the effort:

  • Knowledge capacity increases by 43%
  • increase in training programs by 50%
  • Increase of universities number by 60%
  • Reduction of the costs of the structures hosting the programs by 30%
  • One
  • Two
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Un accès facile à la terre passe par la sensibilisation et la formation de la jeunesse pour lui permettre de comprendre et de bien jouer son rôle central dans la production agricole pour garantir une stabilité sociale et économique de l’Afrique. Comme le Coordonnateur a toujours su le souligner il faut donc que tout les acteurs intervenants dans le secteur du foncier de jeunes mutualisent leurs efforts pour un véritable impacts socio-économiques de l’Afrique.

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