Land Governance

Land governance is the process by which decisions are made regarding the access to and use of land, the manner in which those decisions are implemented and the way that conflicting interests in land are reconciled.

We are working to ensure the youth have access to and use of land and enabling a seamless process through which land conflicts are resolved.

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Gender equality and equity

Foster gender equality and equity by influencing laws that will encourage women to own land, access land and participate in decision-making processes related to land.





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Training and Research

Training young people on land governance and facilitating their research and scholarship schemes in the agrarian field.

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Our commitments

Secure Tenure Rights

Defend and guarantee the modern and customary land rights of Young people, development actors in Africa (SDG 1; 2; 13; 16).

Transparent and accessible information

Make reliable and transparent informations available to organizations for decision-making through studies and research relating to Young people’s acess to land (SDG 16 ; 4).

Equal land rights for women

Guarantee equal opportunities in enabling women to access land as cited in women’s international land rights (SDG 5).

Effective actions for the youth to access land easily

Advocacy with organizations and governments for the provision of agricultural land to benefit projects associated with the youth (SDG 1; 2; 8; 9; 11; 12; 17).

Inclusive decision-making

Equality in decision-making processes related to land considering all strata and categories of young people (SDG 16).


Secure territorial rights for Indigenous Peoples

Work to secure the territorial rights of indigenous people and fight against land grabbing in order to garantee the land rights of Young people.

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Youth Appreciation


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  • World Environment Day: Reflections on land, youth and sustainable agriculture

    Last month, our international community celebrated World Environment Day 2020. To mark the occasion, YILaA interviewed Amy Coughenour Betancourt, CEO at Cadasta Foundation, to discuss key issues related to land rights and how it relates to youth empowerment, environmental conservation, and the development of sustainable agriculture. This article summarizes some of the main points discussed with Amy as well as her recommendations for the international community for improved land management practices in Africa, a mission shared by YILaA and Cadasta Foundation.

    juillet 14, 2020
  • Now is the time for Africa to digitize land registries, says Joan Kagwanja

    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, May 28, 2020 (ECA) – The ongoing coronavirus crisis (COVID-19) has added impetus to the need for African nations to create comprehensive, up to date land registries to safeguard ordinary people’s land rights, especially in rural communities, Joan Kagwanja of the African Land Policy Centre said Thursday.

    juin 28, 2020
  • Transparency in the Land Sector Needs to Include Youth

    The session ”Exploring tools and approaches towards responsible youth and gender sensitive land governance and transparency in Africa” took place on November 27th, 2019 in the framework of the Conference on Land Policy in Africa and was organized by the Global Land Tool Network and the International Land Coalition.

    février 13, 2020
  • Ensuring our youths access land is key to transforming agriculture

    Across the African continent, we are in the midst of a ‘youth bulge’, with people below the age of 35 constituting 65 per cent of the population. Tanzania is no exception, as people aged between 15 and 35 comprise almost 85 per cent of the workforce. By Khadija Mrisho In a country where agriculture is

    septembre 30, 2020
    août 25, 2020

    Le président de la République démocratique du Congo, Félix Tshisekedi a annoncé sa volonté d’organiser les états généraux des forêts congolaises, d’ici la fin de cette année. Il a fait savoir au cours de la 45ème session du Conseil des ministres tenu ce vendredi 21 août à Kinshasa.  » Le moratoire pris en 2002 et renchérit

    août 24, 2020
  • Is the security of tenure for women secured in the ‘Africa we want’?

    Is the security of tenure for women secured in the ‘Africa we want’? Author: Grace Ananda, the Oxfam Pan Africa ProgrammeDate: 25 May 2020 About the author Grace Ananda is Women land rights officer at the Oxfam Pan Africa Programme. What is the position of women in Africa 57 years after the formation of the African Union?

    août 24, 2020
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